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 Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu: Many people were waiting for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2. And now the Wait is Over. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu has already started on July 10th, 2018.

It is telecasted in Star Maa TV like the first season, but the host has been changed. Yes, you heard it right, Nani has replaced the Jr. NTR as the host for this new season.

As you all know, every week a voting poll will be conducted to eliminate one contestant from the show.

And, you all would like to vote your favourite contestant to save them from eviction. So, here are the details of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu – Online Voting Poll’. Check the further details in the below section.

Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality show in the Telugu language. Hindi Bigg Boss is the base for this show and it goes on air on Star Maa. On 16th July 2017 the first premier show of Bigg Boss Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 was hosted by Jr. NTR. The season 1 was popular and made an achievement as makers expected. As makers made their big efforts to put in have the show in many languages.  The Bigg boss show is a multilingual show. As the season 1 gained more attention and appraisal the makers decided to move for the season 2. Daily the series duration goes for 90 minutes.

The bigg boss reality show is few contestants live in a house for 70 days, completely they are isolated from the outer world, to share their requests or any suggestions the contestant will have the chance to speak to the Bigg Boss(an invisible person). Unlike other versions of Bigg Brother, the Indian version uses celebrities as housemates, not members of the general public.

The show was ended by 24th September 2017. Siva Balaji, a Telugu actor won the title as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu and 50 Lakhs. Season 1 was set up in Lonavala, Maharashtra. Season 2 was set up at Annapurna Studios, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

The Bigg Boss house is well-furnished and decorated. The bigg boss has all kinds of modern amenities, but just two bedrooms, living area, kitchen, store room, smoking room, and four toilet bathrooms.

There is a garden, pool, activity area and gym in the House. ] There is also a Confession Room, where the housemates may be called in by Bigg Boss for any kind of conversation, and for the nomination process. 

As the most popular actor of the Tollywood hosted the season 1 and the season 1 is a successful reality show. From the reports, season 2 is going to be hosted by Tollywood actor Nani as Jr. NTR has the busy schedule. In season 1 there were 16 contestants living in a bigg house and there is no contact with the outer world like telephone, television, etc.

Eventually, one housemate will be leaving the house and is considered as eliminated. Finally, only five contestants will be left and the winner will be decided by the public vote.

Rules in Bigg Boss Telugu:

Most of the rules were never told to the audience, but only the prominent rules are known. Here we have mentioned some of the rules that contestants would follow. 

  • All the contestants should always wear the lapel.
  • Contestants should always speak in the Telugu language.
  • No one can leave the house until unless it is an elimination or decision by the Bigg Boss.
  • Nomination process of the show should not be discussed with anyone.
  • Always the contestants should go to sleep with permission of Bigg Boss.
  • All of sudden, Family and close friends of the housemates are allowed into the house for once during the show i.e during the last weeks of the season.
  • Contestants had no special privileges as per their status.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu Online Voting Poll  – Voting Process  

The online voting poll will be available for five days per week i.e. from Monday Night (10 PM) to Friday midnight (11.59 PM). And you can’t see it on weekends. The contestant with minimum votes will be evicted.

If you want to save your favourite contestant, cast your votes by following the below procedure – either online or offline whichever is convenient for you.

Procedure for Online Voting: 

  1. Open the Google Chrome.
  2. Search for the term ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Telugu Vote’ or Click Here.
  3. After visiting the official website, you will find the list of nominated contestants for the week.
  4. Select your favorite contestant and cast your votes to them.

Note: One thing, you should remember that you must log in to your Gmail account to cast your votes. You can cast a maximum of 50 votes per day.


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu – Online Voting Poll

Bigg Boss Telugu Final Week

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Share and Save your Bigg Boss Fav Contestant:

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 has 16 contestants. Among 16, some are celebrities and some of them are commoners. All the 15 participants are kept inside the isolated house for next 100 days. Each week one of them will be evicted based on the online voting poll. The participant who stays till the end will be announced as the winner. Every week, all the housemates must nominate two other co-participants for the eviction.

The participant who gets nominated for more number of times will be nominated for eviction process. And, then you should start voting for your favourite contestant. The one who gets the least number of votes in the online voting poll will be evicted that week. Below we have provided the voting process for your ease. Check out the voting process and much more details in the below section.

The contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 is Geetha MadhuriAmit TiwariDeepthi NallamothuTanishBabu GogineniRoll RidaBhanu SriShyamalaKireethi DamarajuDeepthi SunainaTejaswi MadivadaSamrat ReddyKaushal MandaGaneshSanjanaNutan Naidu

Bigg Boss Telugu VoteBigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu Online Voting Poll  – Voting Methods

All the 16 contestants have made entry into the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house on 10th July 2018. As they are in the first week, they were asked to nominate other two co-participants in the show. After which, six members were nominated for the first-week eviction.

Here are the names of those six contestants:

  • Deepthi Sunaina
  • Ganesh
  • Kaushal Manda
  • Kireeti Damaraju
  • Sanjana
  • Nutan Naidu

The contestant who gets the least number of votes from viewers will be evicted from the show. The poll will be live from Monday night to Friday midnight. You can cast your vote for your favourite contestant either in online or by giving a Missed call.

Procedure for Offline Voting:

  1. It is a Missed Call voting system in which a mobile number is assigned to each contestant.
  2. You can vote your favorite contestant by giving missed call to their assigned mobile number.
  3. Only people in India are able to vote in Missed Call method.

Below, is the list of Mobile Numbers assigned to each Bigg Boss Telugu Vote contestant:

  • To vote for Deepti Sunaina – Give a missed call to 7729998812
  • To vote for Ganesh – Give a missed call to 7729998803
  • To vote for Kireeti Damaraju – Give a missed call to 772999881
  • To vote for Nutan Naidu – Give a missed call to 7729998809
  • To vote for Sanjana Annee – Give a missed call to 7729998814
  • To vote for Kaushal Manda – Give a missed call to 7729998817

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Telugu Season 2  – Contestants List

Below we have listed the names of 16 contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Telugu Season 2. Also, we have provided some of their details.

1. Geetha Madhuri  

Geetha Madhuri is an Indian playback singer and dubbing artist who works primarily in South Indian Film Industry. She won Nandi Award as the best female playback singer. She also won two Filmfare awards. She has sung in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. She has recorded more than 550 songs for various films and albums. She is the first participant to enter the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house of season 2.

2. Amit Tiwari

Amit Tiwari is a popular South Indian actor who featured in many Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. He is prominently known for playing the negative roles in most of his films. Some of the popular movies he featured are Tiyaan, Jaggu Dada, Prabhat Nagari – Film 1 (2012), Rising of Sarpanch (2014) and more.

3. Deepti Nallamothu

Deepti Nallamothu is a Telugu television news reader and anchor who working in TV9 television. Hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, she is one among the participant of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2.

4. Tanish

Tanish is a Telugu actor who is known for his films Nakshatram, Premika and more. Started his career as child artist in 1999 for a film ‘Prema Katha’ and featured in many Telugu movies.

5. Babu Gogineni

Babu Gogineni is a well known as Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist who worked in International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). He has completed several degrees and currently being as humanist. Gogineni is a public communicator and spreads his ideology to the audience on social issues.

6. Roll Rida

Roll Rida is a prominent rapper and singer who performed many songs in Telugu. His songs are much popular in social media and you can find few of them in youtube.

7. Bhanu Sri

Bhanu Sri is an Indian Actress who is predominantly working in Telugu film industry.

8. Shyamala

Shamala is well known as a television presenter and also an actress in Telugu movies. She has played the supporting roles in some Telugu movies.

9. Kireeti Damaraju

Kireeti Damaraju, who is an actor in Tollywood film industry, He has featured in many popular Telugu short films includes Ontoganta and Anukokuda. He started his career in Telugu industry with “Uyyala Jampala” and acted in few other films.

10. Deepthi Sunaina

Deepthi Sunaina is a young sensational Instagram star who is prominently known for her Dubsmash videos in social media. She is the youngest contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2.

11. Tejaswi Madivada

Tejaswi Madivada is a Telugu movie actress who featured in many movies including Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and more.

12. Samrat Reddy

Samrat Reddy is a Telugu actor who featured in many films. His debut movie is Panchakshari.

13. Kaushal Manda

Kaushal Manda is a model and Telugu television actor. He has acted in many Telugu television serials and few films.

14. Ganesh

Ganesh is the first commoner contestant of the season to enter into Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house. He is said to be working as an RJ.

15. Sanjana

Sanjana is a Model and ‘Miss Hyderabad’ Title Winner. She has participated in many Modeling shows and won the competition. She is one among the finalist of Miss India 2018.

16. Nutan Naidu

Nutan Naidu, is the commoner contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Telugu Season 2. He is coming from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and entered into the house as the last contestant.

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Geetha Madhuri

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Amit Tiwari

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Deepthi Nallamothu

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Tanish

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Babu Gogineni

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Roll Rida

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Bhanu Sri

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Shyamala

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Kireeti Damaraj

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Deepthi Sunaina

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Tejaswi Madivada

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Samrat Reddy

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Kaushal Mandal

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Ganesh

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Sanjana

Big Boss Vote Telugu for Nutan Naidu

Big Boss Telugu Vote for your Fav Contestant

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Latest Episode

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote count saved Kaushal, Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri and Roll Rida. But as Amit got less number of Big Boss Telugu Vote number he was evicted from Bigg Boss House. Monday Episode started with a heating argument in between Tanish and Kaushal. Tanish said that what people are seeing inside Bigg Boss Telugu house is same outside Bigg Boss house.

Whereas Kaushal argues that he is completely different in the house and outside. This irritated Tanish and Geetha broke the rule of Bigg Boss Telugu by talking in the ears of Roll Rida which are inaudible to the audience. Bigg Boss warned her and now Kaushal broke one of the rules of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 rule by writing something on a tissue paper. This made him questionable in front of all the housemates. As no one are taking Bigg Boss Telugu rules seriously, everyone are nominated for this week Bigg Boss Telugu Vote online poll.  Roll Rida started that argument and the heat gone for long time.

Tommorrow Promo was intersting and we could see a physical task involving. Let us wait for tommorrow’s task. Don’t stop voting for Big Boss Telugu vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote counts are pouring in and just 2 days here to reveal the Big Boss Telugu vote to the audience. As part of the Freeze task, Nandu came into the Bigg Boss house. He wished everyone first and later on he has gone to his Geetha Madhuri. Laughs and Emotional canals all over the Bigg Boss house now. Nandu tried to talk some important issues with Geetha Madhuri but Geetha Madhuri is not letting him do so. There is a lot of comedy during this and every one of the housemates enjoyed this a lot. Nandu did fun with Kaushal as he is the one who strictly follows Bigg Boss rules. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting status increased to him due to his crazy behaviour.

Finally, Nandu was out of the house and there are whistles blowing from both the sides of the walls. Nandu pumped Geetha Madhuri’s confidence by telling her that all the Girls are there for her to support and she understood the situation. After all the beautiful segments, there is one more conflict in between Geetha and Kaushal about Bigg Boss Telugu Jail punishment. In my view Kaushal won the argument as Tanish have also supported him.

This is all about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. Follow the process we mentioned above to vote for Bigg Boss Contestant.

“Do vote for your favourite contestant & Let’s see who will be evicted this week.”

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